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CMH Internet Business Server

Do you need all the computers on your network to have the ability to surf the internet, send and receive email or send and receivefaxes?
CMH offers a custom Internet sharing server that has all of the above options and more with a unix based operating system. The server, all hardware and software can be bought from us or we can configure a spare computer that you provide.

What Exaclty does this server do?
Internet Sharing Email/Web Server
The CMH Internet Sharing server uses your existing internet connection, Dialup, Cable Modem, ISDN, etc. and shares it over your network through a hub or switch. It provides access to http, ftp, news, mail and most any internet application for any computer on the same network. Using included software this server can be an internal mail server with an unlimited amount of addresses and mailboxes. It can be set up to use your existing domain name to provide personalized email addresses. (i.e. You will also have the ability to run a web server for internet business applications and file distribution/sharing.
Fax Services Firewall Protection
The Server can also send and receive faxes with built in modems and software. Faxes can be received and sent to your existing laser printer and are stored on the server for future reference. The faxes can also be viewed right from your computer screen. You will have the ability to send faxes from almost any software that you normally print from like Word, Excel, Wordperfect, Outlook, etc. It also provides the ability, with 2 or more modems, to send and receive multiple faxes at the same time. (requires multiple fax lines) Internet Security is a must these days and with this server you you have the option of firewall protection. This will keep out hackers and intruders that can compromise the integrity of your in production computers and files.
Remote Access
With this server you can access any computer on your network via the internet from home or other offices using software like PC Anywhere. This comes in handy when you need access to files and information that is stored on your computers at different locations.
Call CMH at 330-497-8100 or email for pricing